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It is a lot of work to keep abreast of the many governance issues at the federal, state and local government levels. However, to get the Nigeria that we want to see, all of us must be aware, informed, engaged and involved.

At Enough is Enough, one of our core objectives is to make it easy for Nigerian citizens to make the lives of our elected and appointed officials uneasy with fraud, incompetence and non-performance.

While this is a test site for a more robust platform, we thought the fuel subsidy issue was an apt test run.

What this platform allows you to do is to send a form letter to every government official that’s involved in an issue of concern. We believe that if Nigerians are able to express their discontent and/or approval through emails and text messages, it will let our elected and appointed officials know that we are watching them and we fully expect them to REPRESENT us.

At all times, we must remember that they are OUR EMPLOYEES and we have every right to ask questions and demand answers. If not for Nigerian citizens, they would not have jobs.

If you have any comments or suggestions about improving the platform, please send an email to paschal@eienigeria.org.

Dear Lawmakers,

Thank you for duly representing your constituency and all Nigerians in ensuring that a full report was produced on the Fuel Subsidy Probe.

The report findings are very disturbing and clearly support our position that increasing fuel prices was simply a way to punish Nigerians for government's inefficiencies. How can N999m be transferred 128 TIMES to unnamed entities within 24 hours?

This is to let you know that we also followed the public hearings and expect that all monies stolen from Nigerians will be paid back in FULL and all implicated individuals, corporations, and government officials, especially those under whose watch this level of fraud was executed face the full wrath of the law.

We are watching you and will continue to monitor the case.

Thank you.


Yours sincerely,
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